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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

1889 CC Morgan Silver Dollar

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 The 1889 cc Morgan Dollar is by far the rarest of all the Carson City Silver Dollars. It also a KEY DATE of the series and most elusive. With a mintage of about 350,000 it is not the lowest. The 1889 cc is among impossible to find in MS & MS+++ grades. These coins are rare and have a high premium in all grades. Most coins at best have a below average strike.

 Some collectors have said that the coin is harder and more rarer then the # 1 Key Date coin of the series, the 1893 s, to achieve in Mint State Condition.

In 1889 William Henry Harrison was the President of the United States, & the world Street Journal started publication. The first coin operated phones being installed at Railroad Stations. The Singer Corporation made the first electric sewing machine. Things were moving good and improvement and new design on the move.

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